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Victoria Falls & Zimbabwe

I can’t even begin to describe how breathtakingly beautiful Victoria Falls is!! Even pictures can’t capture its beauty. This is something you will need to witness first-hand! It is amazing to see something so big just look like it drops off the face of the earth. We started off the morning walking around the falls to get all the different views of the falls. Half way through, the mist started to feel like heavy rain and we were getting soaked. It is crazy because a few steps back, you wouldn't get wet at all. On one side of the falls there is a big suspension bridge where you can do bungee jumping and zip lining.

Next we were off to do a helicopter ride over the falls. I thought they were beautiful from the ground, but the view from the helicopter is a MUST SEE! From the air, you can see the entire falls and the animals on the ground in the distance.

After the helicopter ride, we went to a local restaurant called Zambezi House. It is an open-air restaurant with a cool vibe. I highly recommend it! The food was delicious, and the serving sizes were plentiful. We ordered two different types of pizzas. They were straight from the brick oven.

After lunch we went to play with the rescued elephants. You can tell they have been trained, but they live in their natural habitat in the national park. We hopped on a safari vehicle to find them. We were able to pet the elephants. They are pricklier than I thought they would be. They are truly gentle giants. There was also a baby elephant there, but we couldn't touch it. The mom is a little protective of her so we stayed a safe distance away. Next the elephants did an elephant walk with us down to the food station. At the food station the elephants line up for their treats. When you are ready to feed one you tell it to "trunk up" and they will lift their trunks and open their mouths so wide. This experience was one for the books.

PACKING TIP: Must pack for this adventure... a rain jacket, extra closed toe shoes and a waterproof case for your phone are all needed.

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